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Making FACES Beautiful® the Book, Beautiful the Makeup Book. Makeup techniques in 3 Easy Steps. Achieve beauty easily. It's about more then makeup - its about lifestyle . 80 pages

"Making FACES Beautiful" is the only makeup book you really need to achieve beauty, easily. I'm Gail Sagel, owner and creator of Faces Beautiful, a retail and salon beauty destination. As a real woman and being a makeup artist myself, I recognize that the beauty of women lies within our differences. Having said that, how have makeup books gotten away with using terminology like "always" or "never"? What may work for one woman could turn out entirely wrong on another face. It's time they threw their own Rule Book out the window. The next step, however, is replacing it! I chose to write a makeup book for real women, using real women. There are enough makeup books filled with those incredibly, unrealistically beautiful celebrities. And, I can't stand those awful "before" pictures followed by an unachievable "after" that could only be attained after hours of work by a professional makeup artist. Product Purpose: What do women really want? We want beauty all day long that fits into our lifestyles. As women, our job description is simple: "We do it all." Along with the profession of wearing countless hats, we typically have no time to pull ourselves together, especially when it comes to the task of getting our face on. It's not that we don't have the time. It's that most of us, don't choose to take the time to care for ourselves. We, as women, need to appreciate ourselves and indulge in our beauty - both inside and out. Seriously, we spend more time shopping for a pair of shoes, than we spend applying our makeup. But, come on ladies. Really? You got to realize that if your face isn't absolutely fab, no one's ever goin' make it to "look" at your shoes...

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