Faces Beautiful® is the result of a growing journey, with the idea of making women’s lives and beauty routines more convenient and healthier. While creating FACE IN A CASE®, I have taken the time to carefully choose and give you the best possible formulations.

Tell me about your ingredients?


    We formulate with ingredients that are plant-derived or synthetic alternatives.


    Our products are not tested on animals.


    Parabens are chemical preservatives, which may cause allergies, breast cancer, and increased estrogen levels. It is not proven, but who needs it?


    Proposition 65 is a California law that addresses growing concerns about exposure to toxic chemicals. Compliance with Prop 65 is significantly more strict than the federal safety standards set by the FDA.

  • You might wonder how I even came to have an understanding of petrochemicals? All my years as a Wall Street energy trader taught me a lot about makeup. The products that come from a barrel of crude oil are too numerous to list. But floating at the top are petrochemicals which are used in nearly every product we consume, including makeup. It's no surprise to me that so many women suffer from skin sensitivities, since many cosmetics use ingredients which are derived from a barrel of oil. While I may not have been passionate about being an oil trader, I am certainly passionate about putting together the healthiest performance ingredients into my cosmetic formulations for you.