How great would it be if there was a product that you could take anywhere to make all your beauty touch-ups painless?
Now you can with
Got 30 seconds? Check it out!
It's a great touch-up makeup kit customizable to fit your every need. To make it even better, its sleek design fits in any hand bag or tote and can be used as a clutch for touch-ups throughout your day!
The perfect compact clutch to grab for any occasion or event!
This magnetic makeup organizer doubles as a stylish clutch and a wallet in a way that truly makes beauty simple. It can also fit your iPhone with space to still throw in a liner or even a lip gloss or mascara.
Do you feel like you are constantly on the go?
Many women travel frequently and are on-the-go daily for work and pleasure. It is so easy to throw Face In A Case® in your tote. It is ready to bring to your busy day at work and also for your events out at night.
Are you ready to make your life easier?
Make Your Morning Routine Easier!
Our simple clutch is your perfect fix! This clutch is compact and easy for women to take with them, by train, plane, bus or car. Your whole morning routine is built-in, with a full vibrant mirror to help you create your best look!
Does your makeup bag look this? Organize your Makeup!
Face In A Case® offers a magnetic base, where the makeup palette fits perfectly, and is completely customizable to an individual’s preferences. Your messy makeup bag will no longer be a problem!
Personalize your FACE IN A CASE® - Choose your Clutch & Select your Makeup Pallette
Face In A Case® offers a universally appealing Neutrals Magnetic Makeup Palette
6 eye shadows, blush, bronzer, lip gloss, mascara, 2 brushes and application directions.
Every product is created in a formulation so they are safe for any part of your face. You can choose to use shadows as highlighters or blushes as eye shadows. Matte and pearl finish both offer long-lasting looks.
"After spending 12 years as a derivatives broker on Wall Street, I came to the realization that I was unfulfilled in an uninspiring career. Beauty was my true calling. I wanted my brand to create beauty products that solve problems for women, products that simplified life, were healthy and made women feel even more beautiful."
Gail Sagel
Founder & CEO of Faces Beautiful®