A little bit about me:

Since I was a child splashing watercolors on paper and brushing oils on canvas, I have believed in the power of art and self-expression. Over my career as an artist, cosmetic designer, manufacturer and retailer I have put my energy into conveying the simplicity of beauty.

Through my years working as an energy derivatives broker and trader on Wall Street I realized each and everyday how utterly unfulfilled I felt. Yes, I succeeded and applied my education appropriately, but I knew that life is meant to be so much more than that. While raising my children and building my career, I took a position at a hedge fund closer to home. It was so close that I could bike back and forth everyday, thereby solving the problem of fitting an exercise routine into my already too busy day. One day, as I was biking home, I was hit by a car. That was my “aha” moment. I questioned what was I doing with my life. I realized I had lost my passion, and I felt a void in the part of me that craved creativity. In the months that followed the accident, I picked up my paintbrush, only this time my canvas was to be the face of women.

I didn't set out to create just another cosmetic company. I wanted my brand to create beauty products that solve problems for women, products that simplified life, and were healthy. Ironically, I gained a comprehension of petroleum components on Wall Street and how they often find their way into cosmetic products. This became one of my inspirations to commit to creating products that were health conscious. I am devoted to create innovative products that make women's lives better. I now understand that beauty is the ultimate form of self-expression that allows women to radiate confidence and empowerment.

The Face in a Case® you see today is the perfected product from years of input from countless women as to their beauty desires. It is the genesis of years of trial and error. I know women will love it and buy it proving it was all worth it.