GAIL SAGEL believes…


Gail Sagel believes that beauty is the ultimate form of self-expression that allows women to radiate confidence. Gail didn't set out to create just another cosmetic company. “I wanted my brand to create beauty products that solve problems for women, products that simplified life, and were healthy.”


Gail is known for her natural palettes. She creates looks to satisfy the needs of all women, based on a classic and always-current neutral palette, rather than seasonal colors. Gail always says, “Natural doesn’t mean naked – it means get enough makeup on to look like you didn’t try too hard.” As much as the natural look is important, equally important are the makeup formulations, which are vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free.


For Gail, it’s not just about the makeup; it’s about simplifying lifestyle.  She answers busy women’s needs for beauty products that offer greater convenience; thereby simplifying their lifestyle. Gail says, ”beauty is not defined by the trends of the moment, but rather by the personal understanding of what works best for each woman.” 





Gail SagelGail Sagel, founder and CEO of FACES Beautiful® and author of Making Faces Beautiful and FACE IT is very passionate about the beauty industry and strives to make beauty easy for women. Her cosmetic products blend how women live with their love for beauty.  Her brand’s most popular product, FACE IN A CASE® is every woman's clutch makeup product. It features a magnetic base, is vegan, free of parabens and cruelty-free.  Her Brush-On Liquid Mineral makeup received the 1st place beauty award for the best foundation as chosen by the expert panel of Bella Magazine.  Gail, a makeup artist herself, has created a unique niche by teaching women her quick, easy-to do-makeup techniques for a beautiful face. Her makeup books not only teach women how to look a little more beautiful, but how to feel beautiful everyday by inspiring self-confidence all with a little female humor.  She has created a makeup brand that ensures women get the best quality vegan makeup. Gail is taking the world by storm with her involvement on social media, bloggers reviews, printed magazines, beauty podcasts, radio shows and television. She really is doing it all. She is constantly gaining new followers every day, on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


The path that launched Gail into the world of beauty as an artist, product designer, cosmetics manufacturer, and retailer, was a rather circuitous process. Gail started oil painting classes at age five. Years later, she graduated from University of Maryland’s School of Business, which led to a 12-year journey as an institutional energy derivatives broker on Wall Street. It wasn't long after that Gail came to realization that she was utterly unfulfilled in an uninspiring career.


While raising her children and building her career, Gail took a position trading at a hedge fund closer to home. It was so close to where she lived, that she could bike back and forth every day, thereby solving her problem of fitting an exercise routine into her already too busy day. But one moment changed it all, “One day as I was biking home, I was hit by a car. That was my “aha” moment. I questioned what was I doing with my life. I realized I had lost my passion, and I felt a void in the part of me that craved creativity. In the months that followed the accident, I picked up my paintbrush, only this time my canvas was to be the face of women.” This epiphany gave Gail the push to leave Wall Street, and find her business passion, which lead her to create Faces Beautiful.


Gail is a busy, dynamic entrepreneur and single mother who believes every woman will maximize her look and feel great by using her time-saving and easy-to-apply makeup products. Gail Sagel, a visionary, has always been passionate about helping make women’s lives easier. When Gail opened her FACES Beautiful® cosmetic studio in Westport, Connecticut, a one-stop beauty service & retail for bricks and mortar, was a new and unique concept.


She didn't set out to create just another cosmetic company; “I wanted my brand to create beauty products that solve problems for women, products that simplified life, and were healthy. Ironically, I gained a comprehension of petroleum components while working with my Wall Street customers, who were large oil companies. I realized how chemicals often find their way into cosmetic products.” This became one of her many inspirations to commit to creating products that were health conscientious, vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without parabens.


Gail is devoted to create innovative products that make women's lives better. Her hash tag is #beautyforthebusy. And, what woman today isn't busy?


Gail, a member of Cosmetic Executive Women, has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women, is a 10-time winner of Best of Westport and works with a diverse clientele of actors, musicians, models, writers, CEOs, society persona, and she devotes most of her expertise to everyday women. Her work has been featured in New Beauty, ELLE Canada, PARADE Magazine, The Examiner, Bella Magazine, VIV Magazine, Westport Magazine, Fairfield Magazine, Gail's background is unique, as she's combined manufacturing and retailing cosmetic products after a successful career as a Wall Street derivatives executive. After having twins, Gail was named president of the NYC chapter of her twins' support group and co-authored a parenting book, "Making Childcare Choices," prior to her following her passion for cosmetics and launching FACES Beautiful®.


As an advocate and supporter of "giving back", Gail currently supports many national and local charities including: American Breast Cancer Foundation, JDRF, the American Red Cross, Near and Far Aid, Pink Aid, Project Return, and offers mentorship intern programs for junior & high school girls and college students. In an effort to give back to women of the world, she looks forward to sharing her knowledge and unique techniques to enhance every woman's lifestyle.


Gail believes that life can be complex, ever changing and not necessarily predictable. She has a unique way of helping individuals and companies find their larger overall goals and hone in for the specific assignments on how to accomplish the road to that success. Gail believes that it all starts with finding a passion. Once you find your passion, you can finally live your dream. Gail is very grateful to her clients and customers for allowing her to help make their faces a little more beautiful every day.