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Sue Devitt Cosmetics

Born in Australia, Sue Devitt was immersed in clear skies and clean crystal waters.

Sue Devitt was raised in a naturally healthy environment and quickly developed a deep appreciation and respect for nature and her lively splendor. These impressions of raw beauty were powerful and permanent..

Throughout the years, Sue Devitt has traveled the world as a makeup artist on location, discovering inexplicable beauty in the far and distant corners of the world. Sue Devitt's life didn't start out that way, growing up in Australia was simple, clean and wholly uncomplicated.

With my bags and kit packed and at all times ready for adventure, I've trekked the earth through the lava terrain of Iceland, the streets of Old Havana, from Uruguay and Tanzania to the mountains of Ouarzazate, scuba dived The Great Barrier Reef, Sardinia, the South Pacific and the East China Sea. All the while refining an idea that came to me during a product development tenure in Japan. I would develop the first "Healthy Beauty" brand of nutrient-rich, color cosmetics featuring a palette for women of all ages and ethnicities inspired by my travels to exotic destinations around the world. These exquisite formulations rich with minerals, vitamins and nutrients would provide glowing beauty and healthy, radiant skin. - Sue Devitt

While creating and experimenting on location I've blended shades from seas that shimmer in the moonlight; created vibrant color found in the magnificent coral reefs; developed smoky purple and lavender tones at the base of Kilimanjaro and found joyous themes inspired by the characters of villagers themselves.

My personal mantra is "Beauty is an adventure"…with endless destinations. The world is my muse.