Host a Party!

Here is how it works:
Already hosting a party for a cause, a favorite brand or just need an excuse for a girl’s night? Host a party, and make money while showcasing FACE IN A CASE® products!

If you’re in the New York tri-state area, see if we can coordinate our schedules to book Gail so she can make it to your party, and demonstrate the uniqueness and versatility of FACE IN A CASE®. If you’re a further distance away and you would like Gail to come, let's see if Gail can make it. Gail cares about making your party a memorable experience and will even come with FACE IN A CASE® inventory. Make 20% of all sales made at the party, and get paid the night of! For more information contact us at

Example for Hosting a Party:
You decide to host a party for a few of your friends showcasing FACE IN A CASE®, and your guests love the products so much they decide to purchase $1250 worth of merchandise, you will earn $250! Or perhaps you’re a great hostess and have a large party inviting 50 friends, and suppose they all spend about $125 each; you will earn over $1500.