Here is how it works:

The power of word of mouth and social media is very real; use it to your advantage. FACES Beautiful® is very thankful for your purchase. Every time you refer a friend, Gail wants to thank you by giving you cash!* While most companies give you merchandise rewards, FACES Beautiful® will give you cash equal to 10% of their purchase. This percentage can be redeemed through your PayPal account. Sign up now and we will provide you with your own personal referral link that you can post on your social media, so you can rave to your friends and provide your personal code to start earning cash now!

*Minimum purchase of $50.00 is required to receive rewards.

Example for Refer A Friend Program:

You rave about the new FACE IN A CASE® products to one of your girlfriends and they decide to purchase $100 worth of merchandise you will receive $10. Or, you turn 50 of your friends onto any of the FACES Beautiful® products and they decide to purchase $150 each and now you’ll receive $750 in cash rewards.