FACES Beautiful

Gail Sagel, Make Up Artist

President & CEO of FACES Beautiful &
Creator of the Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup

Gail Sagel believes that beauty is not defined by the trends of the moment, but rather by the personal understanding of what works best for each woman. She creates looks to satisfy the needs of her clients, based on a classic and always-current palette, rather than seasonal trends only.

For Gail, it's never been just about the makeup; it's about lifestyles. She sees the entire picture from head-to-toe, from function to aesthetic.

A modern system of makeup application, Gail's concept is based on simple steps, where a handful of interchangeable colors work together to create an entire look that goes from day to evening, week day to weekend, season to season.

After graduating from the University of Maryland's School of Business, Gail began her career as a trader on Wall Street. Although she was considerably successful, she found that her life lacked creativity and she often felt stifled in her work environment. Gail soon realized the world of beauty was her true calling.

In 1999, Gail's enthusiasm for beauty resulted in the opening of FACES Beautiful, a luxury makeup studio, upscale salon and beauty boutique. Gail aims to provide each of her clients with the skills to enhance their own natural beauty, by using her expert training to create a flawless and effortless look. Her hope is that women will walk away with the confidence to recreate the looks, armed with the knowledge of a seasoned professional.

I wake up every day and my work is my passion. I put smiles on women's faces, and I make a living doing it.

More than ever, consumers want to know what the experts know; and buy the products professionals buy and create. Consumers desire high-performance products developed by make up artists and industry professionals. Working closely with customers and professional makeup artists enabled Gail to better understand the needs and wants of the most demanding consumers. This fall, Gail's success continues to grow with the launch of her own mineral makeup line, Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup.

Gail's lifetime passion became her occupation through hard work and dedication, but it has always lived in her fondest thoughts. My best memories from childhood involved me doing my friends makeup before we would go out for a night on the town. I wanted to bring that feeling back into my life; the feeling where helping another woman to realize her beauty, made her feel more beautiful, and in turn, made me feel happy. Women helping women has always been a concept that I cherish and value above all else.